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May 09, 2009
I have now gotten out of Chelsea Court and I am on Kensington Park and a few tasks in the Ironworks. In several places I have seen gearheads, and they dont seem to like me.

In Chelsea Court near the Chelsea Tower, we all know there are abundant gearheads on several of the rooftops. On many occasions trying to cross these roofs I get caught in a battle. I beat them and then I head for the next roof however I get caught in ANOTHER battle almost immediately. This continues over and over and gets irritating until I lose all my health.

They move way too fast also. This might be some of the reasons why I keep getting attacked.

I have a task to defeat a Hooligan and collect a necklace however it pretty much seems impossible to get to the other side of the Chelsea Tower (where they are located).

Thanks for reading,
Marcus Legendcrafter, LVL 32 :-D, LIFE storm

Dec 28, 2008
There is an easy way to get through that area of the Gearheads, and it works for me most of the time. It is also a good idea to bring potions with you, if you really can't use this, but it usually works. It's a good idea to follow the Gearheads until you get to the next platform. Don't get too close, stay somewhat far away. Rest for a moment at the next platform, and wait for you to pass them then follow. You have a WAY lesser chance of getting into battle that way, other than just trying on luck and fast-running. Marleybone is mainly made like that, there are no sidewalks whatsoever. Good luck in Kensington Park, I have it as well.

May 09, 2009