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Game is slow, lagging, but only in Marleybone

May 04, 2009
I don't like Marleybone as much as all of the other worlds so far. Marleybone is the only world where the game is constantly lagging behind me. I play on 3 different characters and it is the same for each character. I take a few steps and the game stalls. I have to wait for it to catch up to me. I posted a comment on the help desk when this first started happening and they suggested "going to a Perfect realm" that might not be as busy, and "turning off Quest Helper". I tried both of these at the same time and it didn't help. Has anyone else had this problem?
Jasmine Stormwalker

Apr 25, 2009
yes i had that problem most likely for hyde park witch really annoys me i would wizard 101 to plz that hyde park out or fix it make it better cause it sucks it takes like 3 day to get through it plz change it and i love that world but it freeze to many times and that the only world that happens in plz help

Dec 14, 2008
i have been in marleybone with my level 41 fire wizard(HE ISNT DONE THERE YET FOR REAL!)and it hasnt froze,stopped, lagged or anything.not in hyde park, not in chelsa court not in the ironworks not anywhere. my moms level 50 ice wizard is in dragonspyre and there for her keeps freezing stopping and lagging.Wizard101 fixed that though.

i dont know whats the problem is with you guys(maybe grapic problems on you're computer) for me its perfect.