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From Crocodiles to Bears and to Dogs and Cats

Apr 06, 2010
How DO you get to Marleybone? I just finished the Pyramid in Krokotopia; I still need to do all the Quests in the Krokosphinx, and go to the Spirits place. What are ALL the quests in order to get to Marleybone? And do I need to do some quests in Grizzleheim? I feel bad for myself.

You answered your own question, young Wizard.

Stormycloud123456 wrote:
I still need to do all the Quests in the Krokosphinx, and go to the Spirits place.

Grizzleheim is a side world and is never required for progression in other worlds of the Spiral.

Jan 07, 2010
Don't feel bad for yourself, the Pyramid is just the beginning. You need to do the whole Krokosphinx, the entire Tomb of Storms and THEN you get to Marleybone after you defeat the final boss which is Krokopatra. And Grizzleheim is only side quests. Everyone who makes it to Marleybone plays through all of Krokotopia, and every Grandmaster plays through the entire game and does all the quests. And if yer gonna be upset about questing then there's no point in playing cause the quests make up the whole game. Its going to be nothing but quests, all the way to and through Dragonspyre. Ask any Grandmaster and they'll tell you the very same thing.

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Apr 06, 2010
My friend helped me out with Krokopatra anyway Now I just need help with Meowiarty in Big Ben in MARLEYBONE that is all. *crying voice* Why does it have to be soo long?