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freezing : Please help

Jan 04, 2011
I was in marlebone, regents square a few minutes ago and as i was about to enter the shoe shop, it kind of froze a moment and there was a little round symbol at bottom right of screen saying something about connection though I didn't have much time to read it as I found my character suddenly infront of what I think was the museum. I couldn't walk in any direction, I could not see anything anybody was saying, I couldn't see the spell book or anything else. I did however notice that when I tapped esc, the spell book symbol would appear above the head and if i clicked at random I'd somehow click on the point where something should be.
I typed help in chat (though I couldn't see it) and someone came over and seemed as though they could see what I was writing when they moved like they were talking back.
I could not exit!

Hello, young student.

a little round symboll

Yes, that was probably the Poor/Broken Connection symbol - a small sphere with a chain across it. It can be either yellow or red where red usually means the connection to the game server is gone.

So, it sounds like you were disconnected from the server. The client will still run, but without the information from the server you won't be able to go through doorways or teleport, and things won't act normally.

Quitting and logging back in should put things to right.