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Final Chain Quest of Marleybone

May 10, 2009
Does the quest where you have to defeat Pop's O'Leary lead to the final quest in the chain of Marleybone so i can soon go to Mooshu? I've done multiple chain but I am confused when i will finally be able to go to Mooshu. I'm level 33 and a little high to be in Marleybone at least in my opinion. Could somebody help?
Thanks, Nicole Nightblood

Apr 11, 2012
No, the ironworks does not lead to the last quest chain of marleybone. You need to get a quest to go to the west wing in the marleybone museum.

And the quest in Katzenstein's Lab is another dungeon. It's in the marleybone county jail.

Hope I helped :D :D :D :D ,Miranda ThunderGem, Level 40