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Evening Group for Central Time USA

Sep 12, 2010
would like to put together a group to take on Marleybone Big Ben & Ironworks and then move to Grizzly World after. Optimal playtime availability would be 7pm to midnight CST. Please contact me if interested

Blake SpellSlinger (Level 34)

May 20, 2010
As you've found out, trying to find partners at a specific time is pointless here, since it can take as much as a day for a post to appear. It's better to go to a "Crowded" realm to the location you want to meet people.

Sep 12, 2010
it's less about specific place and more about specific time ... looking to find a group of players that play primarily around the 7pm to 11pm (CST) time frame. Mentioning Marleybone was simply as an example of what point I am in the game - though now I have finished there and am ready to move to Mooshoo, as soon as I help a friend through a couple things now, and find another 18 or so pieces of scrap iron for crafting :-)