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Estrakir Gloomthorn

Mar 11, 2012
Oh, the dreaded Estrakir... how we all hate you. :x Alongside Stormclaw, you and your so called minions "cheat". I don't mean to rant, but here's whats bad:
1. You heal when we heal.
2. You use Fire Nova (how does that even exist?) and Fire Dragon (deadly spell) out of turn.
3. You break traps.

Is there anything else I can say?
Apparently not.
Although this is a grandmaster dungeon (Warehouse), can you be a little easier?
Besides, do you even give us access to Celestia immediately afterwards?
Some people think this is fun, some people think this is just metaphorical abuse. I tried this boss about 5 times, and even with four people, this boss and maybe this whole dungeon is a bit too hard. I can't take it anymore! :x

Mason Deathwalker
Level 45 Master Diviner

May 13, 2011