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Estrakir Gloomthorn

Apr 27, 2010
Ok, I went in with 3 other players a few times and this is ridiculous. The last boss fight is completely unballanced. I'm hoping that if they made adjustments in dragonspyre they will realize this requires an adjustment as well...

How can a boss use the wraith four times in a row and seem to not lose pips?


May 20, 2010
As you were told by the character on the first floor, the enemies in this dungeon cheat.

Mr. Gloomthorn can cast any spell in his deck, without needing the pips to cast it. As a rule, he will cast Scarecrow (not Wraith) just about every other turn when his minions are gone.

The general strategy is probably is to have your big damage (i.e. Storm) wizards set their attacks up to one-round him.

Apr 27, 2010
What? They cheat?? lol

There's great strategy by one post:

Novice Wizard

11:15 pm

Messages: 12

Yes, it seems impossible but it is not. I don't know if I have all the answers but I made it with a group of 3. My experience was that bosses cheat in 2 of 10 levels. For the boss levels, only certain spells can be thrown. If you throw a spell other than the ones I specify here, the bosses kill quickly.
-- no life, fire, storm or ice spells
-- no blades traps or converts
-- no spells higher than level 4
-- no pet generated spells
As a team of death, myth and balance, we made it through. Whenever we deviated from the aforementioned path, we were wiped out within two rounds. Try it and see. For example, I accidentally threw a firecat 1 and another time protected myself with a storm shield. In both cases, the battle completely changed tempo and health bubbles busted very fast. Very fast. I do not believe I have all the answers. I just a quiet death.