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East Counterweight is SO HARD!!!

Mar 09, 2012
I am a Lvl 32 Pyromancer (fire) and i can not beat east counterweights. :? Any Suggestions? (P.S.: My wizards name is Nathaniel Jadeheart.)

Feb 28, 2009
ACSG01 wrote:
I am a Lvl 32 Pyromancer (fire) and i can not beat east counterweights. :? Any Suggestions? (P.S.: My wizards name is Nathaniel Jadeheart.)

My suggestion to you is to team up with friends. That ALWAYS helps. Next, load up on treasure cards!!!!! And lastly, avoid getting into unnecessary battles. Well, hope this helps! And good luck!

Sabrina Goldendust
Lvl 44 Conjurer

Jul 04, 2009
If you still need help with East counterweight, I have not done it and we cal always team up :D

Apr 17, 2010
I seggest to level up. I beat both conter whaits at level 37 and mewoty at level 38.

Sep 19, 2009
I soloed the west counterweight, but I needed friends for the east. You need friends to help at level 32.

Feb 29, 2012
I would like to say, as long as you stock up on potions it isn't too difficult, though for the end battle might want to have somebody port to you.

(End battle sucked for me. I hate it when I meet Storm bosses because the buffs only get the attacks to their regular amounts. :()

And before you say- "Oh, Scarlet Nightdreamer is a level 38 with 1620 health, it should have been easy." She wasn't then. She was a level 34 ( if I recall around 1400 health) and no treasure cards to her name. (My treasure cards end up wasted in about 15 minutes.) xD

Oct 23, 2010
I have to do counterweight east, too, but I have helped friends in the past and we got through pretty quickly with 3 players, so just get friends to help you! The best teams should have at least one healer, and the rest attackers from different schools. Make sure you have healing treasure cards or high attacking cards. Also have all potions filled up. Hope I helped and good luck!

Mar 19, 2011
i always done my dungeons solo and boss fights :D
i would recommend packing some monstrous TC'S cards and then pack
all Ur fire birds or immolate then strike i did counter weight and
eastern weight and the the middle tower forgot its name :P
i just called help with the fire guy which i forgot to pack converts

Jul 10, 2011
Hey nathaniel jadeheart i suggest you get some friends to help, that's what i did, and if you have any friends that live close to you that play wizard101 you can ask them sometime to help. if these don't work or your friends don't help you should fill your potions when you need them in the dungeon. if you have low health heal yourself right before you finish one battle so on your next battle you can have more health. if you wanna be really really safe you can heal until you have full health ( i recommend satyr not pixie if you have it)

Wolf SilverSpear Lvl 42 fire wizard