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Dr. Von Katzenstein Quest?

Dec 24, 2008
Recently, my brother and I have attempted to complete the Katzenstein Lab Quest, where you have to defeat him. My brother, having completed it before, thought we would have no problems. The issue is this...

After we received the quest from Watson to defeat Firegut, we did exactly that. But when we went off to complete the "new goal" given to us - To "unlock" the gate, I believe - we were struck with an issue. We didn't know where to go other then to Watson, and try the gate with the plaques. When we got there, we realized we were given no code for it! So we spent about thirty minutes trying to guess it, but with no luck.

I looked it up, and it told me we needed to defeat an enemy named Clanker. Issue is, when I looked further in the walkthrough, it said nothing about Clanker, or the plaques! I would have tried getting other people to assist me, I have, but they all either seem to not care, don't want to help me, they're just confused as I am, or they can't understand my issue because of their lack of Text Chat.

A little assistance from some fellow wizards?

Nov 26, 2011
Hmm i believe i know this one. Go check some bosses you have defeated already, they may have a code in their tower.


Oct 22, 2011
For Katzenstein's Lab, there are two gates you must go through.

When you first get there and talk to Watson, he has you fight (Firegut?). Inside the warehouse after you beat the Boss, there are 4 symbols that appear that you will need to unlock the first gate.

Once you get through the first gate and do whatever it is Watson needs you to do, there will be a second gate that you need to open. You will fight another boss. Same thing. Once the boss is beaten, there will be 4 symbols in the warehouse that will unlock the second gate.

Jul 03, 2010
I also find it handy to nab any Chimneys on my way also because you will need 5 of them before the last gate opens - watch out for the spiders.

Oct 24, 2010