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Defeating Meowiarty.

Feb 12, 2010
Okay I have been stuck on the Big Ben dungeon forever! I've tried to do the dungeon alone, but I always die before I get to Meowiarty. So does anyone know some tips as to how I can defeat him alone? Or can someone help me? Haha, idk I just want to beat him! I am so tired of Marylebone and I just want to get to Mooshu. Please help! :D

I'm an ice/life wizard. Lvl 38.

Jul 03, 2010
I am not sure if you already got this out of your wizards life yet but would like to provide some tips just in case you have not.

This instance does require a bit of planning for, I have done it solo with my wizards so it can be done, may not be pretty but can be done. I take no secondary schools on my wizards so can not advise how to use a combo such as yours, you are provided with sprite when you start the game use that and drop all the secondary for this instance and I think it will go better for you. Allow a block of time - up to an hour or more depending on how it goes. Take your time, don't panic, take one floor fight at a time, some give you a break, if you are defeated return knowing more and determined to get to Mooshu. Don't for get to complete the chest quest, cat if you have that and book on top floor.

It helps to know some of the rules of this event. First if you are defeated during battle, mana and health back up and re-enter you will be right were you left off defeated. I have also ported out to the square and walked back in after filling up, but don't sign off, wait more then 20 mins or let anyone else on the pad with you when you re-enter, it will reset the entire thing and you will loose all your progress. If you are in a hurry I suggest filling your potion bottles so you can fill in with these if needed. Take advantage of walking back down floors for wisps. Have your level 35 Ice deck set up for floors of mob fights, slim down the cards in your deck so you are not discarding a lot or waiting on a sprite/damage card etc. letting them hit you while you search for a spell could mean defeat, use your tower shield and opposite school (fire) wand so you progress each round making it count. Make sure your gear is appropriate for the level you are so that isn't fighting against you also, Ice has the benefit of higher health, make that work to your advantage, you are considered the tank of wizards. Niles provides a Blade in Krokotopia that is handy for you since you do not get your blade until level 40. As you go up later floors you will notice a plaque by doors going up - make note of them as you go because there is a puzzle to solve in the gear room so you can proceed.

On the top floor, deck up and if possible load some emergency treasure cards in you side board so you don't run out of cards - I tend to take out the weakest first, so start with the Life puppet and it keeps him from spriting himself and others. The Wraith next, lastly Meow so you have to blade and trap up a bit to wear him down. Work your Blizzard for this floor then go to single hits to finish off.

If you need any more help post and will try to answer - sad but these events are becoming harder and harder to find help with, the Spiral can be a bit lonely past Krockotopia, even if you switch to crowded realms.

Getting help can be done from the wizard101central.com, there are actually nice wizards that volunteer time to help others, but not all want to go that far to progress in the game. I help a lot of wizards along my way though the spiral. Don't loose faith, if you do manage this you will become a stronger wizard for it.

May 27, 2011
You can listen to brwac, as his/her idea can get you better drops and pets. But if you want help then go to crab alley near waterworks. You can see lots of wizards over there. Keep asking them until one agrees to help you. You can also ask some friends to help you. If neither of my ideas help, than like I said ,you should totally use brwac's idea. And remember, his might require several tries, but if your determined to get to MS, go for it! Hope this helps!

Oct 24, 2010
brwac has given you excellent advice. I never had help with this instance, and yes, it's difficult but not impossible. My highest level wizard is life/death and she didn't have too many problems.

The key is to mark and port. I mean, you can always walk back in, but will need to port out to refresh your life. Don't count on just going from floor to floor...there are too many of them.

Also in the duels where there are three mobs against you, defeat at least 2 and you can flee if need be, port back in and battle the final one. You got through the clockworks, so you are capable of beating Big Ben. :)

You can do this, and easily with an Ice wizard due to your high life level, it just takes planning. (One clue: don't spill the bottles of milk...you can avoid an Ice boss completely by not doing that)