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Death Minion: Marleybone

Jan 31, 2011
I got the quest awhile ago, I logged off for a period of time and when i came back, I did the quest but I only fought Freddy Nine Lives once and then the quest dissapeared and it wont let me fight him in Chelsea Court. I checked the map and everything and his icon isnt there. I go back to my death instructor. Dworgyn? (I dont remember it off the top of my head), but he doesnt have any quests for me. Ive been pondering this minion malfunction for awhile now as im level 43 now. I cant find anything on the wiki so now ive come here looking for a viable solution to this error, any help would be appreciated, thanks -LukeSkullblade (lvl 43 Necromancer).

Oct 04, 2010
I already did this quest and remember where it located, if you want I'll bring you there and help you finish it if you want. If you are interested post time, place, and realm you want to meet up in, I'm happy to help

- Scarlet Moonstone lvl 41