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Countess Demaree

Jun 22, 2008
I'm working on the Big Ben Quests already but there was always one thing bugging me about Marleybone. Countess Demaree. I keep going to her in Regent Sguare and Knights Court but she hasn't given me a quest whatsoever. If there is something I am missing, please tell me. Thankyou!
Justin Stormhunter- Lv. 35 Thaughtmagure

Jul 12, 2008
You aren't missing anything. I'm not sure why she still stands in town, other than to confuse us like Sir Reginald Baxby (who was apparently part of a quest before I started beta testing but the quest was removed before I started playing).

I'm sure I visited the one on Knight's Court while playing beta, but the quest doesn't appear to have migrated over to Live. I thought I remembered visiting her on Live on my highest level characters but I'm probably mistaken because I'm working on Knight's Court right now on another character and I've never been told to visit her.

Jun 22, 2008
Thanks! I just wanted to know if this was supposed to happen or if it was a bug of some kind.

Dec 09, 2008
I was in Knight's Court and and defeated some cats in front of Demaree and she said "Thanks-You" :)