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Counterweight East glitch when fleeing battle

Jun 18, 2016
I had to flee battle on the second level where you flip the counterweight switch, and when I came back the enemies were there but they were completely still. When I walked up to them they didn’t pull me into battle. I flipped the switch without having to battle and then I moved to the next level.

I decied to test it and see if it was a one time thing. I fled the next battle. On return, the same thing. The spider things (don’t care to look at name lol) were completely still. I flipped the switch and moved on.

Anyone else? I’m on right after the maintenance so maybe something went wrong.

Jan 18, 2010
I recalled this glitch.

With the Counterweight Dungeons, it seems there is a way to exploit the instances by avoiding battles by as you mentioned fleeing.

The glitch is not new as I recalled doing it as early as 2010.

It's just that it wasn't that "big of a deal" or possibly might have not been reported to KI for them to address it.

It also appears that this 'glitch' doesn't work all the time as in some instances, the mobs will still pull you into battle.

Take a look at it or communicate it to the relevant authorities Sparck.