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Counter Weight West

Sep 17, 2008
Oh, I am so curious! Does anyone know how many floors or battles are there in Counter Weight West? I am in it right now (don't need to add I am about to die in the third level of it) and I would like to know when it will stop going on forever! Counter Weight East is hard but come on! Oh wait, lol, I didn't die. Still, I am really curious.

Jun 22, 2008
There are 5 floors then you have to solve a puzzle. ( I'm not proud enough to call it a puzzle.) Then, you have to get into 3 battles while pulling levers to keep going. Then, you have to defeat a boss.
P.S.: I JUST finished counterweight west. Just bring a friend with you. (Just make sure he/she doesn't leave! I had to deal with that a lot of times)
Justin Stormhunter
Lv. 35 Thaughtmagure
Current Quest/Area: Big Ben
P.S.*2: If you finish counterweight west, maybe you and I can finish Big Ben together!