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cool pets

Feb 20, 2009
okay ive never seen a marleybonian pet but i want one i have a heckhound and a krok and i want a cool new pet.but there is no pet shop in marleybone and i cant go to any of the places metions in other topics because i just got marleybone like three days before this date.and i want a really cool pet but no boss drops any and there is no pet shop so what should i do to get any marleybone pet?

Jul 12, 2008
there are actually alot of pet drops...

the magician rat
the golum
the green pixie
the snowman
the krokotep with a card
a clinky spider

just need to look for them

Heather Ravenblood
Level 50 - Death/Life

Mar 01, 2009
i think Marleybone pets are gained by defeating bosses so i think they might not have added one because there are so many pets available if you defeat the bosses but im not really sure