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chelsea court tech issue

Mar 05, 2009
I'm trying to get to chelsea court to complete a quest. However, when I hop onto the balloon ride it says could not locate chelsea court on your server (connect too long). Please help, if you have encountered such a situation. I have changed realms, logged out, logged out and waited for over an hour before trying again. I already sent a msg to tech support, but, would like help now.

Jan 07, 2009
The same thing happened to me: but I solved the problem. Just switch realms :-)

Good luck in CC.

Scarlet HawkHeart
Lvl 31 Magus Sorcerer

Apr 11, 2009
I am experiencing this same problem but just not in chelsea. I have it in random places. Sometimes I get the error when i try to enter a shop or the tree to get to other worlds. Everytime it happens, I have to restart game. I sent in a bug report. Try to do the same. Lets see what happens.

May 09, 2009
I have the same problem at different places, started yesterday at the tree in Raven wood to get to the diff. worlds. Today at digmore station, it just happened that i had saved a spot where could transport in. Very anoying bug and needs to be fixed.