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Chelsea Court Clockwork Golem Help

Dec 23, 2008
I really need help on the quest where you have to go to the clockwork tower, cause every time I go there I always get in a fight with the clockwork golems :-( I cant even get to the tower without losing all my potions to fights with golems, am I just weak? I also hate how they even run! I wasn't even in their square and i got in a fight with them. Please tell me what is a good way to get past them! :x

Dec 08, 2008
just look behind you and in front of you. if you don't see any coming...GO FOR IT! :-) . Hope that helps.


Dec 23, 2008
Thanks for being kind of posting that, even though I found a good way to get past them a few days after my post Thanks for trying to help me still :-)

Jan 14, 2009
ok i sooo feel your pain i can't get to the tower either, and i just turned lvl 30. *SighZ*

Oct 30, 2008
go striaght through the middle but watch for when they turn this applys to all areas in marleybone

Feb 07, 2009
JacobThunderSong here,
I'm SO angry because I have to defeat Timmy IcePick and the clockwork golems chase me down!! I SO want the clockwork golems to walk and go together not from both the back and front.

Jacob ThunderSong

P.S. Also, do u agree we should be able to cancel quests?

Sep 11, 2008
It's pretty weird you can't get through. Everyone that I see in Chelsea Court just run past them. Just go to the side where the golems aren't.
Sometimes you have to be really really careful because when they turn they turn backwards and look the way that your coming, but they just keep going the same way. You have to be careful with that they're tricky. And I do agree that we should cancel some quests. I have three pages filled with them and I would like to cancel some.

Dec 31, 2008
With fast-moving foes, I try to run/walk a little behind the last one in the train. Not too close because the golems do look behind them just before they turn, but close enough to know I'm in the "lane" (like how cars stay in lanes) and we're all moving the same direction and speed. You can also see if there are spots where they run up close to the grating making it unsafe to stand in that spot.

You may think this is crazy, but in Marleybone and Mooshu when I would get to a new area I would run/walk all the way to the end and back before trying to start my quests, just so I would know what kind of foes are there and how they move and where I can safely stand. I've gotten in a few battles that way, but saved myself the same unwanted battles when I was busy with a quest.