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Chelsea Court

Feb 21, 2009
OK so I have a lot of quests that I finish or continue in Chelsea Court, but every time I go to the ticket master all she will give me is the Hyde Park ticket option. How do I get the ticket for Chelsea Court balloon?


You must prove your strength in Hyde Park before you are invited to take on the challenges of Chelsea Court. Finish up your required quests in Hyde Park first otherwise you may not be prepared for what awaits you in Chelsea Court.

Feb 10, 2009
I been to chelsea court before alot times i go to my friends to get to chelsea court. Let me tell you about the gear heads the gear heads run fast look out if you run to them you have to battle them they are kind hard to defeat if you bring some friends it will be ok. And theres a book i have to read in chelsea court but one of the towers are not blue i don't have the guest to get in and read the book that makes me mad!!!! Even chelsea court is a little big i have a guest for zeke i found a cat in chelsea court i only had one more cat to find but it is in big ben theres no way i can't get the big ben cat!!!!! Remember some wizards need a ticket to get to chelsea court i don't even have a ticket i think you have to get one form the ticket master across form one of the rides but every time i go to the ticket master she say were not leting on wizards to chelsea court i only want a ticket don't ask me ask you friends! well hopen you enjoy this by. ;)

May 17, 2009
It would be nice if the game tells you this, especially for Myth users and others who have a training task to do there.

Also - for new people (first time through) they have no idea what is a required task or just a side task/quest. Perhaps in quest log it will have a star or even the title 'required'.


Feb 14, 2009
Thats my issue! I've got a Death Quest in Chelsea, but eh I guess I've got to wait. Which isn't cool! I'm ready for a new spell. Oh Well.

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