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Can't Quest..?

Jun 06, 2017
So, my death wizard is level 21, and I've reached Marleybone after having defeated Krokopatra. I spoke to Private Kinchley, the quest I got from Talbot, and I got the quest, "Sarcophagus Search," requiring me to speak to Clancy Pembroke in the Royal Museum.

The thing is, whenever I enter the Royal Museum, the quest helper arrow points back outside and Clancy doesn't let me speak to him to move along with the quest. If I follow the arrow, it tells me to go back inside the museum after exiting.

Why can't I continue questing? Is it a bug, or is it some kind of barrier, preventing me from questing until I get to a higher level? I don't want to be required to do side-quests just so I can level up. I've already done all the side-quests on my storm, I just want to get to Celestia as soon as possible on my death.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
The steps are, you approach Kinchley inside the church. He will direct you to Pembroke in the Museum.

Ignoring the wonky quest arrow, does Pembroke have a over his head once you go into the Museum? Does he let you talk to him?

If you go back into the church, does Kinchley have anything else to say to you?

Have you considered questing up a level or two, just in case that's the problem? (Level 21 is pretty low, but I'm not sure if there's a minimum level for Marleybone.) You might also try logging out completely, then relaunching the game. Sometimes the dialog box doesn't show up, and rerunning the game can correct that minor glitch.

If all else fails, I'd suggest opening a ticket with Support. You can get started by clicking on the Help? icon in the upper right corner of this page. Be sure you have access to the email connected to your account, as they will contact you that way.

Good luck!

Alia Misthaven