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Can't get into Ironworks?

Nov 20, 2010
Okay, so I got a storm wizard and I quested her into Marleybone and now i have to do Ironworks on her. So i go to the entrance and then i can't enter? And I'm sitting there like: What the what? I have no idea what just happened but a week after I couldn't enter the first time, I went back on my storm and couldn't enter again! I have no idea what's happening. Please tell me how to fix this. ( If you know) D:

Aug 09, 2009
Do you have the quest FOR Ironworks? If not, you haven't finished Chelsea Court. But if you do have the quest, talk to the ticketmaster and see if she has the ticket to enter the Ironworks. But be careful, Ironworks is a dungeon and if you don't decide to do it solo, ask a friend or two to help you out. Hope this helped!

~ Scarlet Cloud Thaumaturge - Lvl 33