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Can you destroy the Gearhead Destroyer?

Jun 29, 2009
Okay, I see no threads on this, so I might seem weak, but I can't beat that Gearhead Destroyer in Hyde Park! I can destroy the minion fine, but I never see a single pixie when I need it, and the gearhead kills me once the minion is gone. The most damage I can do to him is 330 damage. I don't know if its because I have bad health ( only 1065 hp) or if being level 23 is bad at MB, but I can't beat it. Just please help!

Adam Giantfist, lvl 23 diviner

Apr 25, 2009
Your low health, your low level, and the fact that you're a diviner all add to the problem. If you have any side quests in Krok or wizard city that you didn't do (besides the tomb of the beguiler and sunken city) you'll want to go back and do those to get your level up. Also, if you're using damage increasing gear, switch to health increasing gear. You also might just want to ask for help from your friends. Some of the MB bosses are just too hard to solo until you get your level 33 card.

Jun 29, 2009
Yeah, someone helped me out with that quest, but I've gone back to Krokotopia quite a bit so I can level up. And are you saying I should wait until I'm level 33 to do quests in MB? I'm at level 25 now, but I should wait longer?