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Big Ben (( UGH! ))

Feb 21, 2009
So wat up with big ben SUPER HARD any suggestions on how to beat it?stradtigies/and a good team?? I did it with my friends before but i wasnt in marleybone yet so i still need to do it (( but i am now )) thanx everyone

Autumn Fireweaver
P. S you get the badge Mastermind when u do big ben :-)

Feb 09, 2010
I am pretty far into it, until I died after I forgot to mark my location. I got up to Spike the Crusher.

1. Mark your location EVERY TIME you get to a new floor.
2. When you get to floor three, talk to both people.
3. The pictures on the shields that you will have to remember go like.
a. Ice
b. Bird
c. Dog face
d. moon

Get a friend to help you for Spike, BEFORE you start.

Hope I helped,

Jan 01, 2010
Big ben isn't so bad, what's annoying is you have to do all the battles without being able to run around and get pips to replenish...or can you?

Just mark your spot and port to Regent's Square. Get mana wisps if you need them and either wait for life to replenish or run over to Newgate and pick up some life wisps. Then port back to Ben and pick up where you left off but now with full life.

I soloed Big Ben for all 5 of my wizards (the 6th, myth, is going to do it this weekend). But if you want a team, having a life wizard is always helpful of course. Otherwise, try to have some folks in schools other than yours so you don't have to deal with prisms.

Anyway, have fun!