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barkingham palace

Jan 10, 2015

level 53 fire wizard and do not have many on line friends (at least not high enough level), anyone want to help me with this place?

and if so how do we meet and all?

Jun 19, 2011
Barkingham Palace is for level 40 and above, correct? If so, I would be happy to help as I am very close to level 40. I am a balance wizard. We would have to meet sometime between now and next Tuesday, as after that I won't have much time to meet up for a dungeon due to school stuff. I am pretty much available at anytime during this weekend, though.

Jan 10, 2015
sorry for delayed response, but yes it is a level 40 plus dungeon. Thank you for the offer to help, but i finally found someone online to help and finally took care of it. Although i would be willing to do it again if someone else needed help with it also.

be willing to exchange help for help also lol... still have a few dungeons i can not beat solo.... the ravenscar final dungeon, the level 40+ cyclops lane dungeon and of course malistaire... it is quite frusterating not to be able to do anymore quests when all you have left to do is things you need help for and you can not find help lol

for anyone reading this that would like to join up i am on most nights around 9 p.m. central time in the wizard city commons