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Barkingham Palace?

Aug 27, 2008
Alright. I have completed every possible quest there is in the game. Including all the instanced levels, all the hidden bosses, and etc.

I am now waiting for Dragonspyre to come out but what keeps catching my eye everytime i enter Marleybone is BARKINGHAM PALACE.

IS there every going to be something to do with this Palace. The gate is up and can't seem to find maybe the possible contact that tells you to maybe help out the QUEEN or something but alas NOTHING..

Anyone got an ideas?

Aug 27, 2008
Community Leader
Assuming the Queen of Marleybone is parallel to Queen Victoria, perhaps the Queen has gone to oversee the unrest in Kensington? After all, she was born in Kensington Palace.

Alternately, she might just be wary of seeing powerful wizards given the huge number of people who have tried to assassinate her.

And let's face it, she is from a long, long line of kings, whereas you and I are just wastrels found in faraway worlds along the Spiral. Would it not be unseemly for the Queen to be seen with commoners such as us? Maybe we should be asking for an audience with the Prime Minister instead. And then, given our service to the Crown, maybe we will someday be granted an audience with Her Majesty.

Aug 27, 2008
So... was that a yes or no.. to us ever being able to see her majesty

Besides in MooShu we have to save the emperor so whats the difference in Marleybone?

Jul 05, 2008
it's probably something that's going to be added later. there are no quests currently in the game that take you through there.

Nov 04, 2008
could be like that castle in collosus blvd where it probably opens up when a new world comes out ... oorrrrrrr it just for a spell quest noone has told me about :P