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bad luck or bug?

Mar 30, 2009
well yesterday i entered to thee big ben tower and finally i reacher meowiarty and defeated him. i had a quest to unlock a wooden chest in the last floor but when i entered it wasnt there...
i dont know if it is a bug
i would do it again myself but.. all my friends dont have text chat
except two or three who are usually offline
so if i asked for help they would go away because they would think
that im mad to do it again or those things.. well if i cant explain the situation to them..
what should i do now? :-(

Dec 02, 2008
The wooden chests are on the seventh floor, the silver chests on the eleventh, and the gold chests on the fifteenth. It's plausible that later chests won't spawn if you haven't already unlocked the earlier ones.