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Another Kensington Bug to report...

Feb 18, 2009
Good morning Professors,
I had the pleasure of helping three others with Kensington last night (Rowan, Iridian, and Calamity.....hello ladies lol) and we had a problem. When you finally reached the "Tower" section where you first fight "Stoker" and see the Scientist, well, when I originally did this quest for myself, the quest ended after saving him to where I got the badge (Machine Master). This second time through though, they made us fight several floors of minions (I believe it was 5 total) before we could fight him again to win this quest. Is this a bug?

Problem two (lol): When we were doing the "Tower" section of the quest, on EVERY floor there was a minion that would stand in the middle of the battlefield to whom we would have to fight AFTER the first minions battle and it was usually the boss that was standing there. Is this a bug as well?

This made this quest go for almost three hours.....ugh.

Inquiring (and yes frustrated) Students would like to know,

Hunter SilverHeart