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A level 32 not in Marleybone! Is that ok?

Aug 11, 2009
Paddles1021 wrote:
Hi I am Katherine Dreamcatcher and i am not in Marleybone yet! Is that ok? Do I need to quickly finish up Krockotopia? Please give me an opinion. Thank you.

That is perfectly fine.Last night I was a level 32 myself ;) Have you beaten Krocopatra yet? Because after that,depending how you did it all that's left will be quests :|

Autumn Emeraldleaf LVL 33 " What has fallen will rise up again"

Aug 17, 2009
I think that you should try and finish up Krok and get onto MB but it is handy to be at that level when you get there! Its a bit of a pain sometimes!

Ellie Dreamglade
Magus Wizard (Lvl 31)

Mar 03, 2009
Hey, Don't worry about it. I got there when I was level 31. Make sure you do a decent amount of The Tomb of Storms in krokotopia then you get the key to mb. I can't remember the exact quest, but I think it's the big dungeon in the middle of the Well of Spirits room. Normally people are done with mb at lvl 35 and I am lvl 35 and just started knigts court. So don't worry about it. You probably were helping a lot of friends and leveling up right? That's what happened to me.
Happy Wizarding,
Sierra Pearlsmith
lvl 35- magus thaumaturge

Dec 05, 2010
I got there when I was on level 25. Something good about Krokotopia is the Tomb of Storms. It doesn't took me an hour or two to complete. Also, bring a friend with you to defeat Krokopatra. She had more health than my storm wizard.

Nov 04, 2010
Yes. In fact, most of MB's drops are level 30+.
I Got in at level 30 and out at 33

Chase Nightbreath, Level 35 Pyromancer

"Anything is possible. Ya just gotta belive."

Nov 11, 2010
well i guess it is i should get in my 20s cause i lvl 22 and i nearly finished kroko
but i would recomend doing side quests cause you will need the health and spells

Cody Nightflame lvl: 22


Victori Nightflame is my girl

Aug 25, 2010
Paddles1021 wrote:
Hi I am Katherine Dreamcatcher and i am not in Marleybone yet! Is that ok? Do I need to quickly finish up Krockotopia? Please give me an opinion. Thank you.

It is okay not to be in marleybone. The levels you get up in KT will prepare you for maleybone. Just to let you know there are no side walks there...

To me that stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sierra Strongthorn lv33 in marleybone

Apr 02, 2010
My storm wizard is in marleybone and in chelsea court, and he is lvl 24.
Its not because zou are slow or something. :) :) My storm didnt do any sidequests, thats why, but i guess you do, or if not that you got subscription later, like me. :D

Nov 18, 2009
sure its fine i am 32 and about 33 and i just got in marleybone like one day before this. i was freaked out i was so behind that i was 7 lvls stronger than a normal marleybone wizard and guess what thats a good thing
unless of course you are wasting membership but well ... at least you are stronger

Jan 29, 2011
it will be easier for you. i was level 32 when i got to mooshu. then later on had to wait to go to celestia. 8)

Dec 16, 2010
You must not have finished Krokotopia. Grizzleheim won't be useful because it really doesn't follow the story plot. And if you go to Grizzleheim and defeat bosses left and right, that won't be useful because you'll just gain levels and get discouraged (even more :?). I got into Marleybone when I was level 29. I was kinda late too. But Marleybone is a short world. I was only 35 when I got into Moo Shu .

Jan 09, 2011
rupertjames wrote:
Johnist wrote:
Due to me power leveling (running instances early), my Storm wizard, Talon Ravenbane, didn't enter MB until he was level 47. He dinged 50 right after Katzenstein's Lab.

That sounds like a brag to me...

i dont even think its possible

i think it is he maybe did wintertusk

Feb 07, 2011
When I got to MB with my Balance (who is now Legendary and semi-retired), I was level 30, or thereabouts- I'd taken every, single quest (main and side), and leveled up quickly as a result.

With my Death wiz, I've taken a slightly-different approach- I've been picking up only one quest at a time, but he seems to be doing fine. He reached MB at level 26, though I'm holding off on sending him there- MB is the hardest, most time-consuming and annoying world in the Spiral, even for my legendary, and (in my humble opinion) you're lucky not to be there- I wouldn't suggest it to anyone, unless you are level 35+ and well on your way to Grandmaster status.

PS: If you need help, I am in the Atlantic time-zone and am usually on the Lincoln server.

Happy questing!

Laura Shadowsong
Lv. 60 Balance

Sep 20, 2008
Nov 04, 2010
my friend was level 39 before he got there, he had no crowns and battled allot

Jun 19, 2009
I say it's awesome. It will let Mb be a little easier as you are higher level than should be (Not that you are way above regular MB level) but when it comes to being ahead, it's usually a good thing.

Jun 22, 2011
Jul 26, 2011
That's perfectly fine, truth is, you've got yourself an advantage.
I'm currently level 38 and still in Marleybone, well I already beat Meowiarty so I can get into Mooshu. But I don't plan on going in there until I beat all Marleybone side-quests. :) So I think I'll be around 39-40 when I go to Mooshu.

Mar 28, 2010
You have to do your main quests and not side quests to get in mb or you get dragged into a lot of fights and then you get more xp and so i think it would be normal because those minor mistakes

Sep 14, 2010
It's better than entering Marleybone at level 24. You get better gear, health, and more.

Jordan FireBringer, lvl 36 Fire
Elijah DeathBringer, lvl 8 Death
Patrick Star, lvl 1 Storm

Dec 11, 2009
You are fine. I didn't get in till level 31 Amber Night Blossom, LVL 31 Storm

Jul 24, 2011
I don't recall when I got there (around level 30 or so). It's pretty easy for a Storm Wizard with Life as a second school to do well there at a lower level. With Black Widow's Dandy Robe, and similar hat and boots, I had over 25% Storm shield, 20% bonus to damage, and 9% bonus to Storm accuracy. Most fights went like this:

+30% storm blade (round 1)
+20% storm trap to all enemies (round 2)
+10% accuracy to storm (round 3)
Tempest (round 4)

With a level 25 fire hammer in the Crown shop, I start every fight with a power pip and a regular pip at the minimum. Almost half the time, I start the fight with two power pips. When that happens, I sometimes skip the accuracy bonus above. I also sometimes use Kraken to start the fight if I have two power pips, and that normally takes out one of the enemies in one hit.

Jun 03, 2010
colagada wrote:
You're later getting there than most people. I do all of the quests, storyline and side, and the latest any of my wizards made Marleybone was level 28. I see wizards there as early as level 24.

You apparently either did a lot of farming of areas of Wizard City and/or played as a free player (or limited unlocking of areas with Crowns) for a long time..

I would suggest that you finish up Krokotopia as soon as you can, but you still don't want to skip any of the side quests. Having 4+ levels on the vast majority of people means that you'll be better equipped to handle the various new worlds as they come up, and also that you should easily achieve Grandmaster status long before you get to Malistaire.
not true now that we have the Awesome winter tusk and wysteria like me I am lvl 57 and I didn't do takai outpost yet!

Aug 27, 2011
I am not there yet because I like to finish all the quest before i go on to another world i just finished KK and now moving over to GH
i am level 31 and not even close to going there :P

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
You should start MB at lvl 26, but I started at lvl 33, so it's Ok