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A Kensington Park solo challenge!

Aug 03, 2009
Hello all,
I am a lv60 Balance wizard and I have very little to do until a new world comes out. One of my last few quests is Kensington Park, and I was curious... is it possible for Legendaries to solo it with the proper deck construction/gear? My gear is "Harmonious Heart Mantle," "Malistaire's Tunic of Torment," and "United Footwear." I was planning to use Gargantuan on Sandstorms and just shield inbetween attacks. Is this a good strategy, or should I just get friends to help?

Jun 14, 2009
If you do decide to do it solo, could you please post how it went? I have been considering doing it as well.

Sep 26, 2009
I tried to solo it on my death before cl came out, she was and still is lvl 50 . Anyway, its a very hard dungeon because the creatures are storm and therefore hit hard. Considering you are balance, try to use ra maybe seeing as its your best attack all card. If your second school is ice or fire use the shields and maybe buy some storm. (over all this is kinda a strategy to defeat any storm creature or wizard.) Make sure you have healing cards too and all potions. Over all its a hard dungeon and try not to get in street fights.

The creatures dont walk normally on the street. In the first area they run on the sides, so run in the direct middle. In the next area, they run diagonally so be careful.

Dec 08, 2009
It is very possible to solo it. The main thing is to learn how to avoid the gearheads. Once you can do that, you just have to kill a couple of bosses, none of which are very hard. If you are level 60 I would recommend that you bring the best gear you can find. I know on my balance I have about 3000 health, +53% attack, 120 critical rating and some defenses. With something close to that you should be able to solo the bosses. If you don't have ice up to tower shield I would recommend you also make a trip to the archivist and buy some :-). All this said, kensington park is very solo-able. I have a friend who soloed it every day trying to get seraph pet from the last boss ^.^

Aug 03, 2009
Well, I finally did it! 10,000 gold worth of potion refills, 15 treasure card Ra's, and a bit of luck later, I soloed Kensington! But... Stoker didn't give me a drop *either* time!! I checked the list on W101 Central Wiki and none of the drops I got from Stoker battles matched anything on the list! Has this happened to anyone else?

Jul 14, 2010
Kensington Park is very very very very hard.The normal enemies have 2,000 health!I would do it with a legendary.

May 03, 2010
I have soloed it but it was so long ago i cant remember much.

Dec 21, 2009
Hi. I'm level 60 balance, same as you. My gear is Harmonious Heart Armor, United Footwear and boots (not sure the exact name of them). I have soloed Kensington park on several occasions, It's a bit of a challenge for sure, but it's really entertaining when you have nothing else to do in the game.

-Taryn Dragonsong