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bad cards

Aug 07, 2009
i was wondering why when you beat hyde park 0r when you are level 30 fire people get choke.choke is useless i never ever stun and it is a waste of pips.i think we fire people should get a better card storm people gets good cards myth and fire get stuns they should change it.

May 22, 2009
I think every school gets some sort of spell many consider worthless.

One of my wizards is Life. One of the spells i got was precision (10% accuracy to allies). Since I did a lot of soloing i felt that spell is worthless. I think i only used it once and afterwards never had it in my deck.

I also have a Fire wizard and have only used choke once (maybe). I suppose with PvP it may come in handy.

Aug 12, 2009
I am fire and i persenally kind of like choke i am in the arena alot since i already grandmastered and it is very helpful also smoke screen is helpful to.
So they are very helpful once you beat the game and have nothing else to do.
I win alot of battles with choke and smoke screen just saying

Feb 27, 2009
No spell is a "bad" card. All come in handy when one needs it. However, certain spells may not be helpful for you personally, but another person might use it every battle. people have different strategies that work for them, but it might not work for you. In conclusion, no spell is "the worst" or "bad", it just might not be best for you.