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Zeke's Temple of Storms Beetle

Oct 28, 2008
I have looked everywhere to find the "Temple of Storms" beetle. I have all of the others. The online clues tell me the beetle is behind the Sphinx portal. Well, I can't find it. I have looked all through the Temple of Storms and can't find the beetle or a Sphinx portal.

I am begging someone to help me find this last beetle. I can't, in good conscious, move on to Marleybone without this one beetle!!

The Oasis Beetles-By the library and behind the Robe and Deck shop.
Chamber of Fire Beetle-3 ramps up Assistant Danforth.
Krokosphinx Island Beetle-By the Giant Sphinx.
Entrance Hall Beetle-Go up stairs near the Vault entrance and look to the right of the ramp.
Emperor's Retreat Beetle-Look on that wooden plank in the Frozen Lake.
Tomb of Storms-Look behind the Sphinx Portal.
Well of Spirits Beetle-Climb up the stairs near the D'jeserit Family Tomb,then turn left and look behind the giant krok statue.
Karanahn Barracks Beetle-Look by the door of the non-accessible building to the far corner of the non-battle area.

Oct 14, 2008
You know the portal to the Temple of Storms? That sphinx? When you go to the Temple of Storms, circle around it, and behind it. It'll be there. On the temple island, mind.

Nov 02, 2008
:-( Where is Tomb of Storms Beetle? The one behind the Sphinx is the Entrance Hall Beetle... not the Tomb of Storms?

Please help.