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What's the best Storm gear for levels 20-30?

Nov 20, 2010
Hey, I was just wondering because I recently started working on a new character and she's lv.20 now. What gear would be best for that level? And where could I get it? Thanks

Apr 17, 2011
You should check Bazaar.

Aug 08, 2012
I suggust you get to Marleybone, they have good stuff for those levels.

Mar 12, 2013
The no-crowns profile I soloed most of Krok/Marleybone with:

Krokenkahmen's Circlet (dropped by Krokenkahmen, no auction) Health boost, storm accuracy and damage boost. Upgrade to a MB boss drop storm hat when possible.

Krokopatra's Robe (dropped by herself, or available in bazaar) Big storm accuracy and damage boost, I think it also has a resist too) Upgrade to Meowiarty's Intense Robe when possible

Watchtower boots (dropped by Nightshade or available in crown shop) or The Great Troll's Shoes (there are two different shoes that have "The Great Troll" in the name, pick the ones that give you a storm boost and/or health boost). Upgrade to Smogger's Germane Boots when possible

Heartsteel (dropped by Prince Gobblestone or available in crown shop) or any athame that gives you a good health boost

A selection of amulets that you can swap between that includes Greebly's Gemstone, Gobblestone's Pendant, Nightshade's Choker, and Rotunda's Torc, These are all elemental shields or a weakness you can use against stuff you don't block

Winged Circle (pip boost, healing boost) or Thinker's Ring (pip boost)

The wand should be any myth wand that gives you an extra starting pip.

Hope that helps