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What lvl do you normally get out of kroktopia

Jun 04, 2011
Just recently made a new wizard, Roslyn RubyGem. She is a level 19 pyromancer, and I am working on quests in the Grand Arena ( or something like that). I guess at this rate, including the occasional side quest I may do, I will reach Marleybone ( my least favorite world, ugh ) at level 23 or 25. Which is ok, but I might do more side quests to get to at least 26 or 27.

Emmaline and Roslyn
Patience is Ice, Passion is Fire.

Dec 05, 2012
I got out late. I got out at level 34.

Jan 03, 2013
I got out of Krokotopia around level 23

Jan 15, 2011
I got out of krokotopia at level 23 that is because my friends helped me a lot

Sep 11, 2013
you get out normally at either level 22 or level 23 i am a balance type but still 22 and i still have krokosphinx and well of spirits also throne room of fire so i might be lvl 24 when i get out

Nov 08, 2013
colagada on Feb 27, 2011 wrote:
Balance and Death wizards tend to get to Marleybone at a lower level because they use their four-pip (level 16) spells, which give them less experience when defeating enemies than lower-pip spells do.

The level your wizard is depends on the above and how many side quests you do. If you do all side quests, you'll generally leave Krokotopia at level 27 or 28.

If you're level 36 and haven't left Krokotopia, then you're doing a lot of needless fighting and/or you're apparently not finishing a storyline quest.

To get out of Krokotopia, you need to finish all of the quests in the Pyramid of the Sun, Krokosphinx (island), and the Tomb of Storms; each of these has to be completed before you can go to the next.

Here's a checklist for your level 36. You only need to do the first one that works. When you find one that works, you don't need to try those that follow.

1) Go to the Spiral Door in Bartleby's Tree and see if you can go to Marleybone.

2) Check your quest list (the letter "Q" toggles this) to see if you have any quests in Krokotopia. If you do, then finish them and continue on.

3) Go see Merle Ambrose. He may have the key to Krokotopia for you.

4) Go see Sergeant Major Talbot. He may send to to Ambrose for the above. If not, he may send you to one of the above areas that you haven't been to yet.

5) Try lighting the braziers near Hetch Al'Dim and see if the Sphinx-like thing materializes and lets you into the Tomb of Storms. If it does, then go in and see if you've missed any quests. If you can't even light the braziers, then you haven't started the Tomb of Storms.

6) Go try to board the boat to Krokosphinx Island. If you can get in, go into the Krokosphinx and see who has something for you to do. If you can't board the boat, then you haven't finished the Pyramid of the Sun.

7) Go into the Pyramid of the Sun and see who has something for you to do.

If none of the above work, send in a ticket to Support, explaining that you believe that there's a technical problem with your level 36 wizard.
Well i would like to add something. You will enter MB when you finish the vault of ice and emporer's retreat and also defeat the minotaur guy which has a health of 2000..Ok then Shalek the Wise will tell you to go meet him and everyone else in the underground balance school.after so you will have to go to the professor who is next to the lake and then he will tell you about a book then he tells you to go to MB.There is no required lvl to finish krokotopia.Its just different schools give different xp.For example like we and wizards lvl up fast and we get more xp (in my point of view that is).

Cody Skullbreaker LCL 33

Oct 30, 2011
Alright To Get Out Of Krokotopia And into Marlybone you Have to do every side quest and main quest if you want to get to marlybone do grizzlehiem and wysteria do krokotopia And finish the pyramids I think brining a mount would be very useful cause there are a lot of npc's who want you to walk around places

if you do side quests and other worlds you get out at level 36 witch is really useful cause of all the hard bosses in marlybone
and if you don't do side quests and other worlds like wysteria you get out lvl 30

Jan 05, 2014
KT was fairly easy for me, I went in about level 15/16 and got out at level 25-ish?
I pretty much blazed through it; as I was sooo desperate for a change of scenery
and KT got a bit repetitive and boring for me, aha c:
I'm now at Mooshu on level 34, and I haven't really done any side quests.
Just follow the main quest line and you'll be alright!
-Kayla Dawn- lvl 34

Sep 04, 2013
on a normal basis, lets say if you have a membership or crowns at lvl 5, you'd get to krok at lvl 13 or so. But i didnt get crowns until my fire wiz was lvl 16, and i got rest of wc and some of krok. now at lvl 27 he is still in krok! normally you get into mb at lvl 28. hope this helps.

Valdus Ghostsword lvl 27

Jan 27, 2013
personally, i would say in 40s because its even bigger than Wizard city and that took over 20 levels counting sunken city and crab alley.

Aug 15, 2012
About level 19 without doing side quests.
Saffron Sandsword

Jun 30, 2012
Well out of my 6 wizards I usually get out ofKrokotopia around.... Level 20-22 without doing any side quests

Jun 19, 2013
D Ravenmask on Feb 26, 2011 wrote:
What lvl do you normally get out of Kroktopia and into Marleybone? I'm just wondering cuz I have a lvl 36 that never got out of of krok and a lvl 21 that is too low to get out of krok yet. Also I heard that Balance wizards tend to get to Marleybone faster and my lvl 21 is Balance so what lvl would HE get to Marleybone? Thanks I was just wondering,

Destiny Ravenmask lvl 36 Storm
Dakota Ravenmask lvl 21 Balance
I finished Kroktopia at level 22, and I'm a death wizard. It really just depends on what quests you're doing. I stuck to the storyline the whole time, but around the middle I did Find The Beetles, just for the training point you get when you complete it. Try to stick to the storyline, and not get so caught up in the side quests. Your balance wizard will probably get out around 22-25, and your storm should fly through it if you're level 36, if you stick to the storyline.

Scarlet Shadowblood, Level 24 Necromancer