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what is the correct code for the four prayer wheel

Dec 30, 2013
after completing the Pagoda of Harmony dungeon the next step is the harmony v discord quest in hollow mountain. after beating the first two sets of foes you come upon a set of four prayer wheels with what looks like chinese symbols on them. if you do not spin to the correct symbol you must fight the Temple Guardian. incredibly no guide to the correct symbols is posted at wizard101central.com or here in game's own forum

so what is the correct code for the four prayer wheels??

Mar 31, 2014
On this page there's the solution: http://www.duelist101.com/news/updates/pagoda-harmony-hollow-mountain
Find the text that says: Super Spoiler - The Solution To The Puzzle and you see answer.

Mar 20, 2010
Remember the symbols on the shrines you visited, and place the first three wheels in the order that you visited the shrines. The last one should be a symbol you haven't seen yet.

I had a much easier time of this than others, as I speak/read Chinese and the symbols/characters are real. I appreciate that Kingsisle bothered to use real characters.