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what is the best gear for a balance in krok?

Jun 06, 2009
I need to know what is the best, no auction gear for a balance wizard in Krokotopia because my level 32 balance wizard is in Marleybone and is doing the Hyde Park.

He is an adept crafter.

Hat: Spocket's hat of the feline
94 health
4% balance attack
8% balance defense

Robe: Scratcher's black mantle
114 health
6% balance attack
10% balance defense

Boots: Pop's sandals of expertise
3% power pip chance
2% balance damage
6% balance defense

Amulet: O'learys briney amulet (gives on kraken item card)
Athame: Point of the Pegasus 132 health 99 mana 2% health outgoing
Ring:96 health 72 mana
Wand: Cold sand scepter gives one pip at the start of battle and give four super ice blast cards (does 80 ice damage)
Pet: Adult Jade Oni, gives one jade oni item card

In total: 1,831 health
252 mana
12% balance damage
24% balance defense

Oct 22, 2011
Boy, it's been so long since my Balance was at that level, I couldn't tell you what specific gear to use.

Some of the drops are not too bad, but they generally aren't that great, as they tend to be gear at levels below what you're currently needing. Bosses will drop decent gear, if you get what you need for your school. Seems like I always got the best gear from bosses, HOWEVER, it was never for my school.

Keep checking the Bazaar. When you hit certain levels (5,10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc), the gear gets better, and usually the ones specific to your school are better than the generic all-school types.

I always look forward to hitting that milestone level when I can recheck the Bazaar to see what I can get.

Area vendors can be good, however, they tend to have gear with stats below what you can get elsewhere (either drops or the Bazaar). Always do a comparison, though. You never know what you might find!

Crafting gear is another option, but I find that to obtain the crafting badge necessary to do so, ends up making the gear obsolete. That's because, by the time you end up finishing up the quest and getting your crafting badge, you're already into the next world, and the gear you previously wanted, is now obsolete.

Continue to farm bosses, even in Wizard City. Some of your stats can be increased significantly from wands, athames, amulets, and rings. Even some of the lower level type pets you might get as a drop can help with your stats.

Good Luck!


Dec 31, 2010
Exactly what he said. I usually look extensively through the bazaar every time I hid a level with new gear! They usually have the best stuff, but beware! If you can get the item in a shop, check the prices! Sometimes the bazaar can rip you off! But most of the time, it gets you a great deal!

Keira Dreamleaf lvl 64 storm