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Vault of Ice

Mar 26, 2009
In the vault of ice, is there ANY way to run around and NOT be attacked by mobs? I take it there is no "sidewalk"? I was soloing the area and had beated the 3 bosses to unlock the defender of the fangs rroom, then was defeated by a couple random mobs any tips??

Michael Fireblood
Lvl 22 dork

Dec 31, 2008
Yes, you can learn to get around in there without getting grabbed. Stay as close to the wall as you can, and don't go around corners or crates that jut out when there is a mob right there. Stop and wait until there is a space between mobs at the corner or crate, then go. I like to run on the side of the hall where the mobs are going the same direction I am. If one of them is really close to the wall, don't pass them, just walk quietly behind them until they turn away. This skill will come in handy when you get to Mooshu too.

That said, I have done this instance probably 20 times by now and after the first couple times I never got grabbed -- until yesterday, when for some reason it got me twice. So it's possible the mobs' area of aggression has been made a little wider, or their path has been scooted a little closer to the corners that you have to go around. On the other hand, my grandmaster also got grabbed twice by Screamers in Triton yesterday, so it's possible I was just having a bad steering day.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
If you move down the side of the halls, you should be fine. In most of the halls, you can actually see a 'line' in the tiles of the floor about a character's width away from said wall. Just stay within that and don't turn corners near any MOBs and you should be fine.

Mar 26, 2009
Sep 11, 2008
you can also TRY to go through the middle like in Marleybone.

Destiny MistGem
Ice lvl 33

Destiny MistFist
Storm lvl 7