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Vault of Ice

Feb 14, 2009
Help, I am stuck on the vault of ice quest for keeper of fangs, how do you unlock the lock in the room with the 4 obelisk?

Sep 25, 2008
Sure, I will help you, I need to complete it as well. Tell me which district your on nad what time and country time zone. I play Australian time in mornings in Ambrose Area 1, sometimes I play in afternoon. Probably nightime for you.

I'm a level 24 Pyromancer called Mary WindStrider. Also if anyone else wants to help, this game is supposed to be multiplayer which means helping people to defeat the bad guys. If everyone helped each other, life would be so much easier and friendler. Let's start online :P

But seriously, helping each other is good for you. I help people just so I get extra stuff and experience.

Feb 08, 2009
It took me a couple of times, so i went and left it for a little. When you first enter that room you will see, very quickly, I went out and went back in, something straight ahead which quickly, then fades, shows you exactly what ones to light. There are three I think. At first, I thought it was a quick blink. But try it, it shows the three you are to approach.

good luck :D