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Vault of Ice?

Jan 14, 2009
Hi there I need help I am Noah Drake Slinger I need help to defeat the 4 Sisters that are in Vault of Ice. And I have a question.... How come when I asked a friend to teleport to me to fight the Keeper of the Fang, he said he can't. Why? :?

Feb 09, 2009
To answer your question why a friend cant teleport to you is because he or she might not have the quest or far enough to recieve quest. The vault of ice can be done solo i did it at level 24 with high treasure cards taking out the smaller guy first then killing the boss. It also helps top have both mana jars full. Hope this helps.........and remeber when you defeat each boss make sure you unlock each room it will save you back track time.

Oct 14, 2008
There is another answer to this question as well, your friend may not be able to port because either - your in a fight, or it says your busy, or it says cannot connect to server, that happens a lot but its just a small glitch.