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Typhon Dustwind Help.

May 02, 2010
I'm level 47 going onto level 48 and I just defeated Malistaire and got Savior of the Spirals badge. Now, Halestorm Balestorm asked me to go defeat Typhon Dustwind in the Tomb of Storms (Krokotopia) in his tomb. Problem is, I can't seem to defeat him. Just before I defeat him he uses the Kraken and then defeats me. I've tried defeating him 3 times now. I find this is a very hard task to accomplish because I'm Life and I don't have many cards to attack them with. Plus, no friends can go in with you. You MUST solo him. Is there any way to defeat him? Like, maybe buying better treasure cards? His health is 1, 254 I think and his minions health is either 950 or 900.

Autumn Level 47 onto 48

Aug 23, 2009
At this point being the level you are, you should have training points that will let you get secondary and tertiary school spells that should offer better attack than Life is able to offer-maybe make your deck more attach focused. Other than that treasure cards and dispells are my only suggestions.

May 20, 2010
The easiest way is to use a Sprite Guardian at turn one. She'll do a good job of keeping you in health. Take out the minion first, then Mr. Dustwind.

Jun 07, 2010
Well first off take some of those heal cards out, and add attack cards. Life, I understand does not have to many attacks, so what ever your secondary is, use some of those cards instead. If you are Storm for secondary, add Storm Prisms, a Storm spell will do boost damage on a Storm creature if you have a prism up.

Hope it helps