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trophy room

Aug 02, 2009
anyone know the key to the obelisks, book says mother always told you paitence is virtue, there are five obelisks sun, moon, serpant, bug, gator and been in the trophy room trying to figure out which obelisks are the ones to turn on and the order but have no luck yet

May 04, 2009

Everywhere in Krokotopia they use clues.

When you walk into the trophy room, there might be banners hanging on the wall that light up for a short period of time and then fade away. See what is on the banners, then light those items on the floor. I think there are 3 banners that light up.

If you don't get to see all of the banners before they fade away, just back out of the room and come back in. They will light up again.

If the banners aren't on the wall in the room, then go back out of the room in the halls and look for banners/clues on the walls as you approach the trophy room.

(I don't remember if the clues were "in the room" or in the halls.)