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Too low for Krokotopia... but still in there?

Jul 05, 2009
Hey guys,

So my second-strongest wizard, Suri, just got into Krokotopia at level 12. Great, right? No. It's a problem because my strongest wizard, Madeline JadeLeaf came to Krokotopia at level 19. I need help saying what I need to do to get my level up. Thanks for the help!

Jul 08, 2011
If you feel that you are underleveled for kroktopia, then go back and get the quest from the dude that made you fight the kraken all the way back in triton avenue. He will give you a quest to go to crab alley and you can complete that. Once you do, you can roll on in to kroktopia and feel confident that you are a high enough level to keep up as you should be around level 15 or so once you finish crab alley. Still not enough? go to nightside and get the quest from the girl by the death school and head on into sunken city and try to level. That might get you to 15 1/2. Still not enough? go back and see if anyone has any exclamation marks over their heads. These are better known as side quests, or quests that do not effect the main storyline, but give expirience gold and items as any other quest would. Once you completed all of those and you still think you are underleveled? well you arent. you are right around average and if anything above average of where you should be at that point. happy questing! :)

Jul 05, 2009
Thanks, but the problem is I can't find that guy, and I haven't defeated Kraken. I do think I know what to do now, so thanks for the help.

Dec 29, 2008
Defeat the Kraken by going to the guy close to the Storm Mill in Triton Avenue. Also I never did Crab Alley stuff, my wizard is Level 21 and I have one friend helping me, Krokotopia is easy, I got to the Temple of Storms in two days, playing 3 hours both days while doing most of the quests and bosses myself. I got to Krokotopia at Level 9 and it was a piece of cake.

I never bought any equipment just new decks every few levels and the world was easy like that. Just use the equipment you get from bosses and quests also follow walkthroughs if you find any.

Jan 14, 2011
... I thought you just had to be level 15 to get to krokotopia...
I guess I was wrong.

<3 Haley Fairygarden
Level 37 Life/Fire Wizard

Feb 01, 2012
I got Krokotopia to at level 13 so you are fine btw I am level 34 now

Jul 18, 2011
Your Fine :D My Life wizard got their at lvl 9. and my 2nd Life got there at lvl 10. Your fine! :D

Jul 01, 2009
My person was level 10 so I know what you mean O_O
Go back and do Colossus Boulevard if you haven't (I haven't even started it :P)
Do any other side quests, etc.