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Tome of the Fang

Mar 01, 2009
One of my quests is Tome of the Fang. It tells me I need to go into the Vault of Ice, and I do not have that area yet. I want to know how to get this area. Does anybody know? If you told me A.S.A.P. that would be very appreciated.:D

~Michael Stormbreaker
Level 21
Adept Diviner

Jul 12, 2008
Just have patience. Side and school quests often tell you to go to places you don't yet have access to. As long as you keep doing the main storyline quests, you will eventually get access to all areas.

Feb 18, 2009
There are quite a few quests like this throughout the Spiral. You get them but can not get into them until later on in the game. For example....Remember the Smiths? And how about those Beetles? Like it was stated before, your just gonna have to have patience and continue doing your quests to progress to finally be able to get into the Vault of Ice.

A little hint for you though, try talking to the librarian before going into the Vault of Ice or you just may find yourself redoing the Vault of Ice just for the fun of it.

See ya in the Spiral,
Hunter SilverHeart