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tomb of storms storyline

May 15, 2009
Aug 23, 2008
The storyline isn't very long. Just follow the quests given by the Ghost of Krokhotep in the Well of Spirits.

First you get the Ciphers by fighting the Ahnic and Djeserit Kings in the 2 different tombs. Then you have to fight the 4 Princes in the Karanahn Palace instance. Finally, you head into the Tomb of Storms and battle Krokopatra.

May 22, 2009
yea, to get past the temple of storms is really easy. it took me maybe 5 quests to get past the temple of storms. But right now that i am in marleybone i need to know how to get more quests there, so far i did the one what said deliver the emerigencie supplies in kroktopia. and now i dont have any quests to do, except find the books that you receive after defeating a boss. so please if anyone knows how to get more quests please tell me

Blaze FireRider
Lvl 26 storm wizard

May 27, 2009
does anyone know if i have to take both of shalek the wise's quest in order to go to tomb of the storms? i finish emperor's retreat and it told me to go locate the tomb of storms in well of spirits, but i can't go into the tomb of storms, what do i do? please help a.s.a.p! =)