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Tomb of Storms?

Jun 12, 2009
Ok. I am a level 25 Life Wizard. I did the quest to get inside the tomb of storms. I went inside and got the krokotep quest. I had to log out. Now, I'm back on, and I don't know how to get back to the tomb of storms. Can someone please help me?

Jun 09, 2009
You have to light all the glyphs that have an image of a beetle. Then after a few seconds the entrance will come out of the sand. It's where there's a big pit full of sand and the glyphs are around it. Hope this helps :D :D

Mar 09, 2009
Go to the entrance of the Tomb of Storms. Around it are three large obelisks. You have to light them up, then wait for them to charge up. I got confused the first time as well.

Jun 09, 2009
How did you get the quest for the Tomb of Storms. I have finished most stuff in the pyramid and on Krokospinx and am out of quests. I find that very frustrating about this game. Thanks for anyone's help.

Mar 07, 2009
you need to finsh alot of stuff.it takes a while.and it depends on how long stuff takes you.

Feb 08, 2009
do you just have to beat the main quest or all of them?

blake griffincaller level 19 life wizard
fred wildflame level 21 death wizard

p.s. my life guy is farther than my death and it took me like a year for my death guy to get to krokotopia and my life guy like a week. than it took me like three days to get to the krokoshix with my life and like 7 monthes witn my death guy.

hope you can help

Jun 21, 2009
Who gives you the quest for the tomb of storms??? Anyone who can tell me how to get this quest, it would be great! Thanks!