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Throne Room of Fire- HELP!!!

Mar 02, 2009
My name is Patrick FireThief and I'm a level 16 Pyromancer. I'm now in Krokotopia and I can't get into the Throne Room of Fire. The little swirly circles at the entrance don't light up! I think I've done everything so far that I have to do. Is there a certain quest that you have to finish to get in? Many thanks!

-Patrick FireThief

Oct 03, 2008
Make sure you've done all of the quests Lt. Standish gives out in the Palace of Fire, since those quests are the storyline quests required to gain entry to the Throne Room of Fire instance. Just prior to entering the Throne Room of Fire, you have to defeat the four Nebits so if you haven't defeated them, you may need to see Standish to recieve any quests he has for you.

Valkoor Crow
Grandmster Necromancer