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Throne room of fire

Jul 18, 2011
Now that I have beaten the nirini family, big thanks to Nick7312 and Kcehplove, I am now venturing into the throne room of fire! And it is driving me up a tree! I lost in the first battle, against the Krok with the Krokomummy. Help will be appreciated, though tips or aid in battle ( If aid in battle, please say the date, time, and zone thing) I need help!

Elizabeth Dragonheart level 19

May 04, 2013
Hi again Elizabeth Dragonheart. I did that too. i suggest getting some friends to help you. i had two friends help me. one life and another fire like me. and we did it in less than 30 minutes. If you can't get any friends try asking people in The Commons if they could help. A level 90 helped me with someone in grizzleheim before. Keep trying to get a lot of resistance armor. I suggest going to the Baazar in Olde Town. It has a lot of good items. It has all the hats, robes, boots, jewelery, decks, hundreds of thousands of pages for each. look for clothes that have (number) % shield. That gives you (number) % to resistance to all school spells. Or if you see something that says (number) % shield. THat gives you (number) % to the storm. it goes for, but it only goes for the one group that the picture is next to. also look for this. (number) % fist. that gives you a boost on your spell's power. some look like that. others look like the second shiled example just with a fist. also look for the same things but with targets. that gives you morew accuaracy. which stops your spells from fizzleing. as often as they do. I have the cap of the oasis on. it says 3% shield. it gives me resistance to all schools. i also think you should look out for this. (number)% incoming . That gives you a boost on the healing process. only if it goes to you. when you or anyone cast a spell on you. then there is (number) %outgoing . that goes for all the spells that heal from life going out. also use your fire prism. for all the kroks who are fire they have a resistance to fire. use the prism to change it to ice. which they have a boost on if they are fire. every monster has a boost on it's opposite. Fire's opposite is ice. Ice's opposite is Fire. Life's opposite is Death and death's opposite is life. myth's opposite is storm and storm's opposite is myth. balance doesn't have an opposite so thus no boost. also wait until you are higher level. i was 22 when i did that. Good luck!