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There are no more quests in Krokotopia...what

Jul 17, 2009

I've completed the pyramid of the sun, and I can go into the sphinx but there are no quests for me to do there. I've done the order the fang quest and it still didn't level me up to marleybone. I can't get into the tomb of storms and I can't find the quest to do it.

MorganPearlRiver. Level 25

Jun 16, 2009
OK first you don't get leveled into Marleybone until you've completed the Tomb of Storms.

If there are no more quests for you in Krokosphinx and you have completed the 2 dungeons: "The Vault of Ice" and "The Emperor's Retreat" then your ready to move to Tomb of Storms. If you've already gotten the badge "Order of the Fang" talk to Sargent Major Talbot in the Oasis and is standing near the small lake near the entrance to the "Altar of Kings". Sarent Major Talbot will tell you to talk to Hetch Al'dim, press T on your keyboard if your having trouble finding Hetch, he'll tell you how to go into the Tomb of Storms. Light the 3 obelisks around the sandy platform, after they are lighted go to the bottom part of the platform were there are no obelisks. Wait until a head pops out of the sand and electrical lightning bolts swarm in it's mouth, then you can run in.

Hope this helped!