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The Vault of Ice

Feb 13, 2009
Hi I'm Lindsey Icecloud and I'm a Student of Ice, and I'm levle 23. I can't defeat the 3 sisters in the Vault of Ice. Can anyone give me GOOD advice? Or can anyone tell me some place to meet them so we can be friends and defeate them? Thanks.

Jun 08, 2008
if you have a minion card in your deck use it as soon as you can, they do help. take out their minion first he's the weakest, then work on the boss, and heal fully between battles. Good Luck

Feb 09, 2009
I soloed these yesterday on my Ice/Storm wizard and I can't say that I used any sort of special strategy, just my normal play. And as for help, sure I'll help you. I'm on Torrence server, look for Chelsea Frostbane or Autumn Moonstone. I should be on all day today until dinner time, eastern standard time.