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The Valut of Ice

Feb 27, 2009
How to you light the bizars when you kill the first banshee in here I can do the other two I just cant do that

Feb 09, 2009
I cant do it either. other posts have said you follow the fire, ice and storm banners you see above. But, the braziers all look the same to me, they arent different colors as (red, blue, purple) as some posts have said and they arent "lighting up" when I press X. Its very frusturating. this should be made more clear by the programmers IMO.

Feb 21, 2009
You only have to change the colors to 2 of the braziers as one of them is already the correct color. You only need to change the one in the middle (ice/blue ) and the one on the right (storm/purple). It took me forever to figure out that blue was blue as it looked green to me, and that purple was purple, as it looked red to me, due the lighting. Hope that helps. :-)