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the review of krokotopia

Nov 13, 2011
krokotopia is i would say is mainly aimed toward the primary schools fire, ice and storm. it is a very small world and very bland of course there are some good reagents there such as ore and stone block, but the thing is there are no sidewalks so you can always be attacked by a nirni or something else. and the clothes you get are very bad the only place to get clothes is the wizard city bazzar.

Nov 03, 2010
i myself am a fire student and that world was extremely easy for me. storm maybe and ice defenitley death myth and life i dunno. i sped through it so i could get to marleybone which is very intresting
level 34 fire wizard
katie dawneyes

Jul 09, 2011
Krokotopia is actually more centered around Balance, with there being the three areas of the elemental schools representing the three primary parts of Balance. I wouldn't say its a small world, I mean its not like Dragonspyre but its not that small of a world. There are somewhat sidewalks, they're painted stripes along the walls that I used and didn't get pulled in. Also the clothes in any commons area aren't that good because they are only there for the very beginning of each world just to give the players starting out there that little extra boost before they get better clothes.